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Code of ethics and rules of conduct

Ambassador Program

This Code of Ethics and Rules of Conduct of the Ambassadors Program, hereinafter "CERC-PE", is an integral part of the Terms and Conditions of the Ambassadors Program, which aim to regulate the relationship with MYSTIC STAR, LDA, hereinafter "MS", headquartered at Avenida da Liberdade, 230, 8th, 1250-148 Lisbon, and its acceptance is a requirement for acceptance and activation of the Ambassador Registration.

The CERC-PE aims to ensure that the Ambassadors' actions are based on the same principles and rules of conduct, in order to allow the development of the business opportunity of each of them with respect for high standards of quality, transparency and loyalty.

The development of the Ambassador Program business opportunity is done through the "Recruitment Line", formed by the Ambassador and the MS and, when applicable, the Ambassador, Ambassador Recruiter, and the MS.

With the exception of situations in which the business opportunity is developed in sales stands of MS Products, each Ambassador can recruit as many Ambassadors as he/she wants, being included in his/her "Ambassador Network" the Ambassadors recruited directly by him/her, up to 4th successive line of recruitment.

The Ambassador must strictly comply with the rules contained in the CERC-PE, including any changes to its content, as well as any other rules of conduct issued by the MH, provided they are made known to the Ambassador by any means, including by publication in the News of the digital platforms used, which must be consulted by the Ambassador on a daily basis. 

Each Recruiting Ambassador must also ensure that the Ambassadors recruited by him/her comply with the rules, and is jointly liable for damages resulting for the MH from any violations if he/she becomes aware of them, has not taken the necessary measures to prevent them and has not immediately informed the MH.

Under these assumptions, Ambassador agrees to develop its business opportunity with respect for the following:

  1.   General Rules of Ambassadorial Conduct:

1.1 Comply with any and all rules resulting from the CERC-PE or other documentation disclosed by the MH, which shall be perceived in an extensive manner, using the principles of good faith and the spirit in which they were created.

1.2 As a basic principle of operation and of the business opportunity they develop under the Ambassador Program, including in their outreach for recruitment to their network, Ambassadors should guide their behavior by respect, transparency, honesty and responsibility, treating all people with whom they come into contact with urbanity, friendliness and availability.

1.3 The promotion and commercialization of Mystic Star Products must be clear, being provided all the information relative to the characteristics, price, promotions and form of acquisition, and any questions from the customers must be promptly clarified.

1.4. The Ambassador undertakes not to use, under any circumstances, their Mystic Star network to negotiate products other than those that have been approved in their Ambassador Profile.

1.5 All printed material, videos, images, photographs and design, are protected by rights and may not be reproduced, in whole or in part in situations and/or for purposes other than the promotion and commercialization of the MS Products.

1.6. In the promotion and marketing of the MS Products, the Ambassadors may reproduce the images, brands and logos of the MS Products, being however strictly forbidden to use the name or any indicative of the brands and logos of Mystic Star Products, as well as of MS or any of its customers, in the email addresses, website domains, personal pages, blogs and social networks.

1.7 Apart from the physical spaces in "stand" format previously authorized by Mystic Star, as well as the online divulgation, the Ambassadors cannot divulge, demonstrate or commercialize the MS Products in commercial establishments.

1.8. Except in cases expressly authorized by Mystic Star, the Ambassador is forbidden to purchase for himself, and subsequently resell at a higher price, any MS Products, and also cannot sell the Products through forms of commerce not previously authorized.

  1.   Relationship with MS

2.1 Any Ambassador must be of legal age, possess legal capacity, and assume responsibility and liability for all acts performed by him/her.

2.2 An Ambassador candidate must be enrolled, through online registration, by an already active Ambassador; however, the candidate may submit an application directly to Mystic Star, in which case, he/she will be integrated into the direct network of MS Ambassadors, and from there, will be able to recruit for its own network.

2.3 After the online registration, the Ambassador candidate will receive a welcome email requesting the submission of the completed and signed registration form, proof of address and identification document, which must contain the VAT number. The Ambassador Profile will only be active after Mystic Star has sent and validated these documents.

2.4 The access to the Ambassador Program and to the business opportunity is personal and non-transferable and made exclusively through Mystic Star, in that sense, the Ambassador cannot transmit or assign, in any title, his/her quality to another person.

2.5. The Ambassador develops a business opportunity independently and cannot, under any circumstances and at any time, claim to be a Mystic Star Employee. When advertising the Mystic Star Ambassador Program for the purpose of recruiting for its Ambassador Network, the Ambassador must expressly mention that it is an independent business opportunity, with no job offer characteristics.

2.6 Ambassadors can develop their business opportunity in any part of the country or abroad, with no exclusivity of areas or zones.

2.7 As long as they are not products with the same characteristics and similarities as the MS Products disclosed by Ambassador, exclusivity is not required, and Ambassador may in these cases be involved with other direct selling companies.

2.8. To develop the best techniques, the Ambassador can participate in the trainings proposed by Mystic Star, applying in the promotion of MS Products the transmitted methods, in order to potentiate the success of the sales achievement.

2.9. The Ambassador may interrupt its collaboration with Mystic Star at any time by communicating this intention in writing through its Ambassador Profile.

2.10. Mystic Star reserves the right to refuse any application or re-application, as well as to cancel, at any time and without any justification, any application of an Ambassador who, despite being active, has not made any sales for 30 consecutive days.

2.11. Mystic Star also reserves the right to exclude an Ambassador with immediate effect, whenever there is a violation of any rules or for breach of trust between the parties.

  1.   In the relationship with the Client the Ambassador should

3.1. maintain a correct, friendly and available behavior in the contact with any customers or potential customers of MS Products;

3.2 In any contacts made, respect the working hours or any others that have been expressed as preferred by clients or potential clients;

3.3 When contacting, visiting or communicating with any customer or potential customer, the Ambassador must identify their quality and inform their objectives of promoting MS Products.

3.4 In face-to-face door-to-door contacts, the Ambassador should not enter, even if invited to do so, in which case he should politely decline the invitation;

3.5. communicate in a simple, clear and appropriate manner to the interlocutor, without using any expressions that could lead to possible discrimination on the basis of race, age, gender, religion, political affiliation, nationality or social condition;

3.6. try to communicate in the language in which the customer or potential customer feels more comfortable or, in case this is not possible due to unfamiliarity, will try, whenever possible, in Portuguese, to convey the information necessary for the disclosure and marketing of the MS Product;

3.7. Ambassador is expressly forbidden to take advantage of factors such as age, illness or lack of knowledge of the customer's language to make a sale of MS Products, nor may Ambassador promise anything intended to mislead the customer.

  1.   Disclosure, Commercialization and After-sales follow-up

4.1. Before starting the promotion of any MS Product, the Ambassador must consult the product sheet, become aware of all its characteristics and possibilities of application/use, in order to transmit all relevant information to the customer.

4.2 During the promotion, the Ambassador must be an active listener, perceive the customer's current situation, needs and expectations, in order to adapt the offer of MS Products to their consumption profile.

4.3 Information regarding price, order placement, payment method, delivery times and availability of the MS Products disclosed must be provided to the customer in an accurate, clear and transparent manner;

4.4 During the course of promoting and making the sale of any MS Product, the Ambassador is expressly prohibited from:

4.4.1. providing any incorrect information or omitting relevant information to the customer;

4.4.2 Promoting promotions and/or offers that have not been previously authorized/approved by MS.

4.4.3. mislead the customer as to the characteristics and specificities of the MS Products advertised;

4.4.4. pressuring the customer beyond reason, threatening him or using any other illegal methods;

4.4.5. Accept payments directly from the customer.

4.5 Within 15 days after confirmation of receipt of the MS Product by the Customer, the Ambassador, from a quality management perspective of the process, should follow up with the customer, asking about the degree of satisfaction, as well as what can be improved, and the feedback should be sent to MS as soon as possible.

  1.   Confidentiality

5.1 All information and documentation, relating to MS or its customers, made available to the Ambassador for the purposes of promotion and marketing of MS Products are confidential and shall be used only for the purpose for which they were made available.

5.2 Any personal data provided for the purpose of marketing the MS Products may not be used by the Ambassador for any other purpose. The Ambassador undertakes not to disclose such data to third parties, including for their storage, an obligation which continues even after the Ambassador's participation in the Ambassador Programme has ended.

5.3 Upon termination of participation in the Ambassador Program, the Ambassador shall return any and all documentation received as a result of the Ambassador Program, and is expressly forbidden to reproduce or preserve it by way of copying, scanning, or photographic recording.

5.4 The term "Confidential Information" covers everything produced or received by the Ambassador, during the Ambassador Program, namely:

5.4.1. projects and all their components, documents, business plans, current and future customer base, prices and other secret information of MS or third parties;

5.4.2. needs, structures, organization, information, profile, and any other information related to the business and transactions of MS or customers.

5.4.3. MS applications, operating systems, techniques, methods, procedures, and contacts, including instruments, design, graphics, plans, films, and software.

5.5. The Ambassador may not, under any circumstances, provide any confidential MS information of any kind to third parties without their permission, either during their participation in the Ambassador Program or after its termination.

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