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Eat Well, Live Well

We create products for kitchen lovers so they can create memories.
We believe that the best experiences in the kitchen need the tools to match, so we develop products with the best quality levels in the market and always at a fair price.

From ergonomics to heat retention to ease of cleaning, our products approach the quality levels of professional equipment, thus satisfying the most demanding of amateur chefs.

We are what we eat and what we cook. With Master Swiss, cook well, and live well.

Cooking is living

Cooking is the most universal of human activities, older than civilization itself, and an integral part of life for all of us. For those who enjoy cooking, preparing a delicious dish for themselves or for their loved ones is also a form of expression that deserves the best ingredients, the best company, and the best tools.
Until now, kitchen utensils were divided between good and cheap, and it was to change that that we created Master Swiss. We are dedicated to creating high-quality products, with the best materials, design, and technology, but also being accessible by maintaining a fair price.

That's why we don't see ourselves as a kitchenware brand, but as part of our customers' lives. Our products can be a precious help in cooking delicious dishes, but what we really do is help people be happy, because what comes out of a happy kitchen is not only food, but the memories that give more color to our lives.
We always choose the best materials. Our knives, for example, use the best quality stainless steel for perfect balance and high durability.
All our products are designed for versatile use in the most varied conditions, be easy to maintain and clean, leaving you more time for what's important.
We create high quality products, with the best materials, design, and technology, but without ever losing the concern to keep them at a fair price.

Our Philosophy

At Master Swiss we don't believe in shortcuts, in using force instead of talent, in doing in haste what can be done serenely. We proudly represent a slow food vision in a fast food world.
We know that small details can make big differences, and that is why we take care of the design of our products down to the smallest detail.

We are convinced that a well-sealed steak, with a crispy exterior and juicy interior, a vegetable effortlessly cut into a perfect julienne, or a fish cooked to perfection are not the work of chance, but rather the result of dedication and passion for cooking, which begins when we create a product and ends on your board and stove.
At Master Swiss we don't believe that food is a human necessity, we think it is much more than that.
This is why we exist. To bring the best of cooking into your life, to help you live better.
Master Swiss. Eat Well, Live Well
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