The kitchen is the most universal of human activities, older than civilization itself, and is an integral part of the life of all of us. For those who like to cook, preparing a delicious dish for yourself or yours is also a form of expression, which deserves the best ingredients, the best company and the best utensils.

So far, kitchen utensils have been divided between good and cheap, and it was to change that that we created Master Swiss. We are dedicated to creating high quality products, with the best materials, design and technology, but without ever losing the concern of maintaining a fair price, accessible to the largest number of people possible.

That’s why we don’t see ourselves as a kitchenware brand, but as part of our customers’ lives. Our products can be a precious help in making delicious dishes, but what we really do is help people to be happy, because what comes out of a happy kitchen is not just food, but the memories that give more color to our lives.

Built to last
We always choose the best materials. Our knives, for example, use stainless steel of the best level of quality, for a perfect balance and high durability.

Easy to use, easy to clean
All of our products are designed for versatile use, in the most varied conditions, and to be easy to maintain and clean, leaving you more time for what is important.

Warranty up to 5 years
All of our products benefit from a 2-year, or up to 5-year guarantee for members of the Master Swiss Club.

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